Sunday, January 24, 2016

Starkly Kitty

Today, I am thinking about my beloved cat, Pandora, who we lost two years ago. I miss her still. She was a gorgeous cat with a take-charge attitude that, although undeniable, was delivered with a good deal of grace and class on her part.  Cat's have that ability - to be both bossy and admirable at the same time.

This year, I am focusing on the very basic things.  All the things she did to make our little family that much better and fuller.  She showered us with love and affection, made us laugh quite regularly, showed definite concern when we were upset and licked our eyeballs if we got out of line.

Pandora was into the simple things so I decided to make a card that was also simple.   Her coloring was gorgeous - a silky deep gray with patches of pristine white - but I could never reproduce it.  Like her, it seemed to be constantly changing and fluid.  Instead, I used the carpet she is sitting on in the picture above for inspiration for the coloring of this pensive cat.

I found similarly colored scrapbook paper and accented it with a deep chocolate cardstock all mounted on bright white XPressIt.  I used a ripped edge with a fuller mat to give a sense of what is there and, today, what is not.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and takes time to remember all the small souls in our life that make it that much better each day.

Saturday, January 16, 2016 Kid Just Turned Sixteen

Okay, so I had 15 years and 364 days to prepare....but was it really enough time?  My sweetie just turned Sweet Sixteen and I could not be prouder!  She is a lovely young lady with a great sense of humor, lots of determination, a generous heart and a boatload of potential to change the world.  She has, of course, already changed mine.

I woke up on her 9th birthday sobbing to my confused husband that "it's already half over", knowing even then that my kid would be fully independent and on her own by the time she turned 18.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that she is actually going to graduate high school and be a college freshman at the tender age of 17! Yikes!  She can totally handle it and so can I...after some lovely Bourdeaux :)

This year, I decided to make an especially more mature card as her tastes are definitely out of kidland unless you count Harry Potter or select Disney entities.  I went with 3 blue inks (herself's favorite color) and just went nuts having some fun with masking and some fabulous (yet deep) stamps.  Gotta love a nicely masked image!

Here's to my kid who is adored!

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