Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Catching Up with the Blogosphere

This winter has been hard on everyone.  Here in the Northeast, we keep getting socked by snow and more snow....did I mention snow?  Every single week since New Year's there has been some sort of storm...and more coming maybe on Thursday...good grief!!!

Anyway, it's taken it's toll on me and my time to do stuff that did not include working a ton of extra hours, shoveling and trying to figure out all the Roguette's schedule changes. Soo...I took a week off....went somewhere sunny and regrouped!

Now that the sun is back in my disposition, I can concentrate on the year to come!  Jafebruarch...the name I gave to the seemingly timeless winter season is nearly at a close.  I feel like I just made it through one of the legendary Winters in Game of Thrones.  Which house has the saying Summer is Coming?  I mean I am all about House Stark (well, those that are still alive), but the whole Winter is Coming thing is never going to be my mantra....

Today is my last posting on Unruly PaperArts as a regular columnist. I am sad to leave the publication that I founded almost 2 years ago. It was a ton of fun to work with all the fabulously talented artists who have been involved with the blogozine and to learn from all of them. Thanks all for helping me make the blogoziine amazing and for keeping it going! 

Special thanks to Danie May who took over the job of editor and Zoe Sanderson for helping her out.  They've changed the look and done some great new stuff so be sure to check it out!  My last column is entitled Vintrigue: Bordering on Vintage and I've put together a few samples of how to use vintage pages as borders in your art!

Here's a quicky peak:


Hope you will stop by and see what I put together!

As life marches on though, I find I have to do more and more with less and less time.  Who knew that having a full-time job, raising a teenager (good grief). running my own company and working on 3 blogs would be so crazy!  Okay, okay, you all knew....and you all tried to tell me but live and learn right!  Rather than keep stressing  myself out, I decided to concentrate on doing my personal stamping and having fun with my fellow Rogues at Rogue Redhead Designs, my stamp company.

Stamp: women from Winter Women (Rogue Redhead Designs)

So basically, as a true rogue would do, I am ditching 90% of my administrative time and upping my GETTIN' INKY TIME!  Never was good at the settle down type stuff....time to get back to the reason I actually stamp - FUN, CREATIVITY and FRIENDS!

These last couple of months, I have revamped some of our fun stuff at RRD, adding in new stamps - 2 plates of my own and bring in some new manufacturers.  I have formed the new Rogue Stampers group on Facebook where we will get together share art, take on a monthly sketch, and just have some good old-fashioned fun!

I started a new feature called the Holiday Inspiration Club to help the permanently busy people (such as myself) get Christmas and/or Chanukah cards done for the 2014 holiday season by doing a couple of cards each month.  This month, we have our first guest Rogue taking on the challenge - thanks to the fabulous Holly Brown for sharing her talents.  Go to the Rogue Redhead Designs blog on Saturday to see what she's been up to and to get your next HIC prompt! 

We've also started a new Plate of the Month feature on RRD which will give inspiration to those who already have the featured plate and a bargain for those who want to get the featured plate.  For everyone, there will be a space to share their own artwork!  This month, in honor of the Mardi Gras feel (and because after all that snow I needed something fun) we are featuring our Beautifully Dunn mini - Carnival Dreams!


Here's a little piece I put together for that and it uses the current Rogue Stampers sketch!

Stamp: the Lovers from Carnival Dreams (Rogue Redhead Designs)
So thanks for being patient while I dig out of both my literal and creative Winter! See you soon!


  1. what a lot of gorgeous work here Shar. i love the "let it snow" card and i think it demonstrates your emotional intelligence in getting through such a tough winter! i'm in awe of all you've done -- with your stamp company, with first the gingers, then the unrulies and now reclaiming your own space as an artist. i wish you all the best and thanks so much for all you've done for the art blogosphere. xo

    1. You are too sweet! I am looking forward to lots of fun and lots less snow :)

  2. Fabulous cards! Love the lady...she is wonderful!

  3. And busy being inky and fabulous, you have been! What a great collection of cards! Even with being on design teams, which I love, at times the deadlines seem to catch up and you forget you are doing it for fun! So go enjoy this inky world.

  4. Beautiful cards, Shar. I love the Winter Women one especially!

  5. great recap and beautiful makes!


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