Friday, January 24, 2014

Goodbye, Pandora. You Were Best Cat in the World

Yesterday, I lost my beloved and beautiful furry friend of 17 years, Pandora.  She always conducted herself with style and grace and was the diva of demure.

She took sick about 3 weeks ago. 3 long weeks ago.  She had never been sick before in her life.  She dealt with it with the same quiet dignity with which she handled everything.

She was sweet and affectionate. She came when called, greeted me at the door every day, slept at my feet every night (occasionally on my head), and "helped" my daughter study.

She was our rock, our confidante and definitely thought she was our queen.  She was marvelous and much loved!

She purred throughout her entire 17 and a half years, never stopping.  The house is very quiet. 


  1. I am sure you will miss your princess very much, but she will be purring for you in her cat heaven! Valerie

  2. HUGS, Shar. I am so sorry for your loss! Mynn xx

  3. My heart cries or you. You are the second blogger friend that has lost a furry family member this week.

  4. Oh Shar, I'm so sorry. She is so beautiful. I hope all your lovely memories of her see you through these dark days. Thinking of you. xxx

  5. Shar,
    Sorry to read of your loss. I can just imagine how quiet your home is at the moment and I am sure you are all feeling slightly adrift without your rock there to anchor all of you.
    I hope she didn't have to suffer too much during those three long weeks.


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