Friday, January 17, 2014

A Birthday Wish

It was the Roguette's birthday recently and as I sat down to make her card, I was struck by the fact that I was not going to make a card for a little girl this time. This year, I had to make a card for a young lady of whom I am most proud and in whom I always find delight!

For her card, I decided to go back to the original images that held me in thrall when I first began stamping - Stampington's elegant and stylish stamps. I have a number of their acrylic sets as well as a ton of wood-mounted ones. 

I stared with this pensive young lady in the middle and masked her. I then added the butterflies and a couple of larger images in a slightly lighter ink, which I also masked. Finally, in the lightest shade, I added some elements and backgrounds. I really liked the result!  I found a similarly colored piece of designer paper with lovely roses and thought it a perfect fit!

Here's a view of some of the other birthday cards I've made for my beloved daughter in the past.


  1. So pretty and beautifully masked.
    My Stampington stamps are also special to me, doubt I will ever part with them.

  2. Lovely card, Shar--I hope Roguette had a wonderful day!



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