Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just Messin' Around

So basically, being the first day in AGES that I have had a chance to just play around, I decided to make a mess! I had a couple of postcard blanks around from cutting my cardstock for my flag postcard and they were just begging to be used. You can't just leave white cardstock lying around. It starts to feel neglected.

I had a vague notion in my mind of where I was going with this..really vague. Apparently, what happens in vagueness, stays in vagueness. I stamped my old gent (love that guy) on one side of the paper and my sentiment on the other. Hmm. Not much interest there, so decided to do some color blocked sections....but then that would be way too much empty space, so out came my cat and my clock.

That's when all the messy bit happened.  I blocked off various parts of the postcard-sized cardstock and chose some distress inks for my palette - Wild Honey, Spun Sugar, Tumbled Glass and Bundled Sage.  I sponged the ink into the section and then added some backgrounds using the same color ink.  The Tumbled Glass got the Sequin Waste Background.  The Wild Honey got some Handwriting and the Bundled Sage was stamped with some Handwritten Music.  Finally, the Spun Sugar got a checkered background....better it than me :) 

I had intended to leave it all lovely crisp lines (which it was) but it looked to I blurred some of the colors across the borders.  My final touch was adding fern leaves (why? no idea) all over the sections.

Stamps: Old Gent and Cat from Just Sayin', sentiment, clock and
checkered background from This N That; Handwriting, Music, and Sequin
Waste backgrounds from Behind the Scenes (Rogue Redhead Designs)
Obviously, my fingers are now rather colorful and should look lovely for my dinner out with friends...really should think these things through but I'll own it if anyone brings it up.

If you want to see some much better postcard art, please drop by Unruly PaperArts this month during our Postcard Parade Issue to catch some amazing articles by our talented columnists.

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  1. Very fun, Shar--and isn't it nice to get some play time??



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