Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No Words

It's been a hard few days here in Massachusetts. I really don't have any words to express the heartache and grief at the tragedy that occurred at the Boston Marathon or how inspired I am by how Boston rallied in the face in adversity. This card, however, made ages ago for a very different heartache seems to sum up some of the welling emotion.

May peace, goodness, and courage always triumph over senseless evil.

Boston 4.15.13


  1. Such a perfect card that speaks volumes of loss.
    As I said only this morning:- the older I become the less I understand this world of ours.
    This tragedy may have fallen on American ground but the impact will be worldwide, most certainly in the U.K. where there is also concern for the London Marathon on Sunday.

    1. When things like this happen, we all become citizens of the world. I'll be praying that this was an isolated incident and that the London Marathon runners have a fantastic and totally uneventful Sunday for their run.

  2. Perfect card for the occasion Shar, x

  3. Beautiful card for a very sad occasion, which has left me really speechless. Valerie

  4. I know how the horrific event (and heroics and kindess) touched us out in the west, so I can only imagine how you feel. Beautifully touching card, Shar.

  5. Shar, you already know my sentiments on what's happened, but just to let you know that I'm still thinking of you and your family (esp. your daughter <3 ) and the people of Massachusetts, <3 Debi x

  6. There are no words, but your post and card touched me. Thinking of you and the families touched by this tragedy.

    Big Hug

  7. a beautiful card that says so much. my love and thoughts are with you, the people of boston and all impacted by this sad turn of events. xoxo


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