Monday, March 11, 2013

Dreaming of Coasters

Last month, we had an altered Coaster swap on UPA, through our companion Yahoo Group, with the theme of Dream.  I was lucky enough to exchange with fabulous artists - Krisha Ogle and Debi Ryan!

They made some awesome art! What I always find so intriguing about swaps is that everyone starts out with the same prompt and all the art is always amazingly different!

Each of these dear women also put in some hostess extras for me!  Thank you both so much!  Along with some goodies to help me in my future crafting, they both added in some extra art too!

Krisha sent me this "dreamy" bookmark along with a ton of fun stuff to play with!

Debi out-did herself again with a fabulous card and this sweet butterfly bag brimming with goodies!

Thank you both so much for your gorgeous gifts! They truly brightened my day!

I'll be posting my coasters when the ones I sent to Debi, who lives far far away, arrive!  I don't want to ruin the surprise.  I know Krisha got hers already!


  1. Hey Shar, You are very welcome, and I'm glad that you liked the coasters and the goodies. Debi x

  2. What "dreamy" and very colorful coasters!


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