Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby New Year

While writing up a new article for Unruly PaperArts on mixing and matching patterned paper, I decided to create a little birthday card to 2013.

I am not sure if this card is vintage, grunge, shabby chic or just a bunch of papers I really liked together, but here it is.  My camera is being a bit finicky about color but most of this card is rich reds, and rusts with a fabulous touch of celery green and warm ecru.

This year I have resolved to not resolve anything. Last year, I really wanted to be better about using my vast collection of stamps and my hoarded supplies and scheduling time to stamp. I did do a lot better at the beginning of the year and then, as it always does, life happened. In April of 2012, my part-time mostly offsite job became a very much onsite position with lots more hours. In September, I completely resumed all my full-time duties at our family business. Stamping time was at a premium as I tried to juggle all my different bits and bobs of life, marriage, parenthood, house, job and my own business as well as I could.

In the end, I followed half of last year's resolutions and, until yesterday, had not cut a new 12x12 piece of patterned paper throughout 2012. I have dipped into my scrap basket so much that it now actually resembles a basket again. I can see sides and sometimes even the bottom. I did organize my small scraps of cardstock and actually used them quite a bit. They now occupy a small drawer rather than a huge file box.

My responsibilities for Rogue Redhead Designs and Unruly PaperArts did take up a lot of my sparse stamping and collage time so I did not get to play with my many, many (26 pizza boxes of wood-mounted, 13 binders of cling-mounted and 3 drawers of acrylic) stamps or boxes of collage elements as much as I would have liked. I only added one new stamp in 2012 to my collection that wasn't RRD ...but everyone knows I am a sucker for Penny Black's hedgehog so that can be excused as a minor slip in my Stamp Acquisition was Christmasy, what was I supposed to do?  I have trimmed down my stamp collections though, getting rid of all my impulse buys.

This year, my goal is quite simple - keep stamping!

I want to keep learning, experimenting and being inspired by all the fabulous artists that I know and admire!

Wishing everyone a fabulous New Year!

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  1. Beautiful card! I too know how how difficult it is to manage it all. You've done wonderfully, and and wish I could show more restraint in buying things like you do...kudos! Happy New Year!


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