Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Post Script

I have been very negligent in posting the fabulous things that have been coming in the mail for me in the past month!  I have been beyond busy at work but hopefully it will start to ease up as we hit the home stretch of the year!

These are the beautiful Artist Trading Cards that I received in the Unruly Eerie ATC swap.  Thanks to Michele, Krisha and Helene!

Artwork by Michele, Krisha and Helene

I also got a lot of great hostess gifts along with my selection of ATCs!  Thanks everyone! You are all too sweet!  For those that played, yes I only have 3 and I should have 4 ATCs in the swap but the Roguette took a shine to my own creations and put them around the house as decorations.  One of them was especially well-hidden and as she asked if she could have it after we finally found it, I have a feeling there was a plan involved in its disappearance.  As I could only send out 3, I only took 3.

Here's a couple of the wonderful extras I got from the swap!

A tag from Helene:

I love all the great details in this many great touches!  Thanks so much, Helene!

A great card from Electra:

I adore the design of this card, but I think my fav part are the witches legs at the top!  Thanks a bunch, Electra!

I also was surprised and delighted to receive a RAK from Kathy R!  Isn't it fabulous?  Thanks tons, Kathy!

My mail carrier thinks I am nuts as I always do a little dance at the mailbox when I see art from friends mixed in with all the bills and catalogs.

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