Monday, September 3, 2012

900 Posts? Is it Possible?

Yes, I guess it is!  I can hardly believe that I have posted 900 times.  Boy, am I overly talkative :)

To celebrate and thank all the fabulous friends I have made through blogging, I am offering up some vintage goodness in the form of some Rogue Redhead Designs unmounted stamp plates.

I will draw three random names from the comments left on this post over the next week (closing September 10, 2012). One comment per person please.

The first person whose name is randomly drawn will receive RRD's new Nature Notes half plate:

The second person whose name is randomly drawn will receive RRD's Floriculture half plate:

And, the final randomly drawn name will receive RRD's Milliner Misses mini:

You might be thinking, "But Shar what happens if my name is drawn fro a plate I already own?"  Well, I definitely don't want to discourage any of my fabulous customers from entering so if your name is drawn for a plate you already have, you will receive an RRD store voucher for an amount consistent with the value of that unmounted stamp plate.

To enter, just leave a comment making sure that I have a way to contact you.  I'll be posting the list of drawn names on Monday, September 10, 2012.

Help me get everyone going Rogue and pass the word about this giveaway!

Thanks to everyone for being part of my artistic journey!

As I looked over my old posts I was struck by the fact that I am totally all over the place with style, design, format and mediiums. It seems it has been more of a meander than a determined travel plan but it is still a journey.  I've grabbed some photos from previous posts to illustrate what I mean.

 Post 100 - Paper Piecing in my 31 Days of Holiday Cards series

This card is from a series of prompts I did one October to get my Christmas cards completed.

Post 200 - Going Girly: GC03 Inspiration Challenge.

This is an unexpected pink creation for one of the first Gingersnap Creations Challenges.

Post 301 - Queen of the Last Minute

I quite liked this card which had a bunch of things going on - copic coloring, embossing, masking, dry embossing....just lots.  My favorite part of course is the sentiment which fits me to a T!

Post 401 - Paper and Paste Creations

I was very excited to have had the pleasure to interview Kelly Kilmer, a collage artist I much admire.  I had showcased my "attempt" at some collage art.

Post 501 - Purple Passion

I had just completed my first ever canvas complete with an image transfer and some genuine 1920s newspaper bits.  I love that this one tells a story of a romantic triangle which was a theme I picked up from the old newspaper itself.

Post 601: Santa Season Day 23

This card harkens back to my start in stamping using Stampin' Up! sets.  I created this card for another holiday series I did, "Santa Season".

Post 700 - Simple Seaside Set

Here's a card I made for my Simple Set series on the Rogue Redhead Designs blog.  You can see that I was playing up the fabulous textures of the papers available from the incredible Paper Temptress!

Post 800 - Grid Card for Fun...Just Sayin'

I got really messy with this one - if I remember right I was up to my elbows in distress ink :)

For all these posts, I have stuck mainly to cards.  One of the reasons I love to create cards is that I very rarely get time to be creative - a few moments here, a stolen morning there.  Cards are a great and satisfying way of expressing that creative urge on the fly!

Here is a photo album of some of my favorite pieces over the years!


  1. Congrats on 900 posts, girlie! I love your journey - it mirrors my own as I wander through the paper crafting world. It's so fun to see how we started and how we changed over the years. :-)

  2. Congratulations! Wow! It has been inspiring to watch and see what you do and what you have been up to. I have certainly appreciated your visits and encouragement given my way. Whatever is around the corner next is bound to be inspirational. Hugs,

  3. Congratulations on 900 posts.
    Well diversity is the spice of life. I love the fact that you are into so many different aspects of the arts.

    p.s. the nature plates are so gorgeous. Not saying the other two aren't but the nature one really pulls at me.

  4. congratulations on 900 postings! I'll be happy to win whatever you have!

  5. How lovely to reflect back over your past pieces Shar and wander through the streets of creativity that have been changing over the years. I am sure we are all on a similar journey in terms of meandering, but the playing and experimenting is well worth the time and effort we put in.
    Congrats on 900 posts and here's to the next 900.
    Thanks for your inspiration, encouragement and support and thanks for the chance to win some of your stamps.
    Take care.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  6. Congratulations on 900 posts, Sharon! I love that you've given us a little walk down memory lane here, I think the maark of a true artist is one who is versatile. You are certainly that. Thanks too for all the inspiration you provide!

  7. Congrats on 900 posts - that's quite a lot... I love your varied styles, it is nice not to get into too much of a rut!! Here's to the next 900....

  8. Shar
    Congratulations! I've only reached 600 today so got quite a bit to go yet lol.
    Lovely to see what has gone before and the variation of styles.
    Such a generous Giveaway.

  9. Congratulations on 900 posts and that is just here there are so many other places, Gingers and URPA over and above this count. It is amazing how quickly they mount up! So here is to the next 900 and all the fabulous creations to go with. XOXO Zoe

  10. Congrats, Shar! As for your "meandering," I like that kind of crafting journey. There are just too many options for us not to wander!

  11. Not to worry , I don't have any of those sets yet, you can draw my name, they are all on my wish list, can't wait to see what happens in the next 900 posts!:)

  12. It's fun to be all over the place when it comes to stamping. To me stamping is an adventure to be experienced. If you check out my blog: you will see that I like to try out just about everything when it comes to stamping. Congratulations on 900 posts!
    stamping sue

  13. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing the 'past' with us. Cannot wait to see the next 900, take care.

  14. Congrats on 900 posts! I think it is great that your style is so varied, as you have shown here - don't knock it! Thanks for the chance to win and I'll be with you for the next 900 posts!

    Lucy x

  15. Congratulations, Shar! What a great long journey you are on.... I loved seeing the slideshow at the end. Here's to many more postings!

  16. Congrats on 900 posts. I really enjoyed your trip through time. I can truly identify with your journey. Looking forward to your next 900 posts!

  17. WOW - congrats Shar - really enjoyed seeing all your different styles ! I'm a bit of a chameleon too..looking forward to the next 900 posts !! Esther xx

  18. Congratulations on 900 posts! Love seeing the variety of styles as I tend to create like that too!

    Thank you for the chance at some candy!

  19. A delight to revisit your creations. Quite a milestone. Here is to the next 900.

  20. Congrats on your 900 posts! How cool is this- love the walk down your creative memory Lane.......I remember lots of these projects! Wahoo- on to 1000!

  21. Sharon, I love your stamps! I have several! Copngrats on 900 blog posts! Wow! What an achievement!

  22. Wow 900 posts - well done Shar!! Always so inspiring too!! Here's to the next 900!!!!

  23. WOW, 900 posts, congrats, and many, many, more! You MUST have lots to talk about, and your creations are wonderful! I would love to play with any of the 3 stamp plates. I will wait and see til Sept. 10th. Thanks, Sue

  24. Congrats on 900 posts :-) heres to many more! Thanks for the chance to win this lovely candy.

  25. Congrats on 900 posts :-) heres to many more! Thanks for the chance to win this lovely candy.

  26. Congratulations Shar!!!!! What a wonderful accomplishment and thank you for all the great inspirations!!!


  27. Congrats on the 900 posts. That's quite an accomplishment.

  28. Congrats on 900 posts Shar, WOW your ahead of me!
    nice lookng back at all your creations
    hugs Lynn

  29. 900???? Amazing!!! Congratulations, Shar!

    This was a great post--it was fun looking back with you, and seeing what you were up too before we "met."

    Congratulations again, my blogging friend!


  30. Congrats on an amazing accomplishment! Thanks for your generosity.

  31. 900 awesome posts! congratulations! well, i already have all 3 of those plates but i wanted to give my good wishes and congrats on all your wonderful art and wonderful posts! xo


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