Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bottle Cap Badge

I am getting in on the Altered Item of the Month in the Unruly PaperArts FB group.  For April, the challenge is to alter a bottle cap or jar lid. 

The Roguette, my darling and daring daughter, consumes frappochinos as if they were the special nectar of the gods so I get to keep lots of fab sized bottle tops.  When I collaged onto this particular lid, my idea was to create a badge type embellishment for a later canvas - thus the feathers.  The other lid I have created, which is taking FOREVER to dry, uses the inside of the lid and will probably, with the magic of adhesive magnetic strip, end up as a fridge decoration.


  1. I love this Shar it's gorgeous :o)
    Wishing you a lovely day,
    Sam x

  2. This is glorious!

  3. Wow...beautiful! Sounds like a fun challenge.


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