Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When Life Knocks

 Today is the beginning of the very last challenge on Gingersnap Creations and we are finishing where we began with a color challenge that celebrates our name and the redheaded artists behind it.  This will be our 4th Annual Copper, Ginger or Rust Challenge.

I wanted to use all three colors so I've got a copper background, ginger paint elements and an actual rusty door plate to finish it off. 

I've also incorporated a collage image of the same woman that I stamped on that first card so long ago.

I loved playing with all the different elements from laying on the paint - copper, bronze and old gold - to attaching the collage images and the embellishments.

My favorite piece was this fab doorplate that I found at a flea market.  I loved the patterns of rust on the surface.  I added a vintage style door knob to complete it.

I also added someone looking through the key hole representing the world beyond the door.

The flowers in the upper right represent growth and blossoming - yup, my imagery is totally subtle....  Anyway, I got these beauties on a recent shopping trip to my fav stamp store - Absolutely Everything - which, as luck would have it, is very aptly named.  I also added a nice metal flower in an antique bronze to the piece too.  I love it when flowers can show beauty and strength at the same time!  It reminded me of all the great women who have been part of my life and my artistic journey.

My collage figures are pensive and maybe a little sad but still ready to move onward! I loved their starker cooler colors against the warmth of the background.

Thanks to all the fabulous people I met along the way through Gingersnap Creations!  You've all inspired me to really push my art forward.  As you can see, I've gone from simple embossed card to mixed media canvas!  I couldn't have done it without the inspiration, friendship and support of all the great artists out there.   It's been so fun to work with Ali, a wonderful friend and awesome stamper, through these years to bring it all together.  She's the other redhead in the duo.

Without Gingersnap Creations, I would not have met and had the honor of working with such amazing and phenomenal artists. 

Now, I can't be sad because I'm starting something brand-new in Unruly PaperArts with some of familiar faces and some new friends on board!  I'm actually truly lucky not to have to say too many goodbyes as these lovely ladies, delightful friends and magnificent artists just can't seem to get rid of me!

Jean Franks Beck and Laura Liddell, who were on the first Gingers team ever will be joining me at Unruly PaperArts as well as already working with me at RRD.  Lucy Edmondson, Gerri Herbst, Helene Huber and Trisha Too of the current Gingers team are also joining me on my Unruly escapade.  Annette Goatley has already signed on as a guest contributor for UPA and I am sure her art will truly inspire our new readers! 

I'll still get to have fun with Penny Bennington, Deb Corder, Stephanie Severin, and Joanne Wardle (who was also one our first ever Gingers) on the Rogue Crew.  I know I will have to stay in touch and follow the journeys of  Petra Berendsen, Suzanne Brookfield and Alexa Noble.  It was so much fun to work beside and get to know them!  Of course, Ali and I see each other all the time! We live only 15 minutes apart.

In honor of moving forward to try new things, I also made a Copper, Ginger and Rust piece to celebrate the premiere issue of Unruly PaperArts, unveiling on Saturday along with our reader participation feature - Reader Art Quests!

Hope you like it!  The metallic paint was lighting up like hot fire in my lightbox so I had to wait for a break in the rain and clouds to take some natural light photography.  I am not sure that this light captured the true colors but at least there are no hot spots on my pics.

I'll give you all the arty details tomorrow!


  1. It's been such fun playing along (not often enough) with the Gingers - thanks to all of you for great inspiration. I know your Unruly adventure will be fab and look forward to joining you there.

  2. Shar, your flowers are truly amazing, a wonderful work of art! Thanks for being an extraordinary lady working on Gingersnap Creations and UPA! Wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx

  3. I am so sad that Gingersnaps is coming to an end, but so happy for you and your new adventure! Thank you for the connections you created via Gingersnaps! I have met SO many people through that blog! I'm so glad I got to be a part of this last month of challenges!

  4. Beautiful all the way around from the creations to the post! GC is what gave me that push to do more and show it off and to learn to blog! Well I wish you the best with UPA and I look forward to learning what that is all about!

  5. oh gosh Shar your piece has made me so emotional.............thank you for being such a fab person and an inspiration to us all. Loving your farewell canvas, its truly gorgeous. Hugs Annette x

  6. Truly beautiful canvas Shar. Love your doorplate what a great find! I hadn't noticed someone peeping through the keyhole at first.. brilliant!

    Loving your UPA letters and wishing you every success and great fun on your new adventures.


  7. Having only met you in the past year, I already know that whatever you set out to do will be wonderful, you are a hardworking woman! You had one of the most diverse challenge blogs in blogland and I am sure that will carry forward to your new venture. Thanks for the opportunity to be your guest here, and I hope we can work together again in the future. Will be looking in to see what you're up to with UPA! Love all of your Art in this post, so very nice. Good luck, Shar!

    Big Hug

  8. What a fitting piece for the Gingersnap farewell, and your Unruly hello piece is wonderful!!


  9. beautiful work. lots of nostalgia! thanks for all you do. xo


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