Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting Lettered

Yesterday, I gave you a peak at my Unruly wall art.  I was so happy to find these awesome 12" letters.  They were a lot of fun to put collage on. 

I wanted some new art for my studio which soon, fingers crossed, will get the new paint job it so richly deserves!  As I am SOOO excited about the upcoming Unruly PaperArts blogozine, I thought I would make a little art in honor of my new venture.  

I gave each letter a nice base coat of Lumiere Super Copper paint.  I gave a nice sheen to everything and a great shine to the piece.

For each letter, I laid out my design in layers with all my bits, pieces and collage images.  I started with the base papers I wanted to use.  

 Then I added the collage pictures and a couple more layers.  I took photographs of each layer once I had everything laid out.  It's a little trick I developed to ensure that everything ends up where I originally intended in the order that I wanted them.  Otherwise, I am always left with a stray image here or there.

 After I had placed all the collage images, I realized that the letters needed more pizzazz.  I  added some dry brushed Lumiere Brass and shaded the letters with Lumiere Burnt Orange.
I really liked the finished looked.  The letters looked more dimensional and definitely more interesting.

Because of the awesome shine on the finished product between the base paint and the gesso, I had to photograph the finished pieces outside. 

Here are the finished letters!

This one's theme is "Longing" as I felt that these ladies all seemed wistfully pensive.

The P has a theme of  "Heart".  Each of the women portrayed seem to have a ton of it!


The final letter, A, is dedicated to "Faith".  I think it is expressed on each of the women a bit differently but then again that is the nature of faith - we all express it individually.

Here's how the whole thing will look on my wall!

I hope to see everyone over at Unruly PaperArts!  It's going to be a ton of fun!  Come by on Sunday to see our Schedule of Contents and find out about our Reader Art Quests.


  1. Fabulous collage letters, I would have so loved to help with them, i love collaging. Great work Shar
    hugs June x

  2. Just wonderful and what an wonderful way to start this new artistic adventure.

  3. These are just awesome! What fab wall art for your studio.

  4. That's going to look great in your room x

  5. These letters are fabulous, Shar. Love the paint job and the images are gorgeous.

    Chris x

  6. Wow! When you started, did you worry about just what to choose and just where to adhere it?? I would have a terrible time making those decisions.

  7. Totally cool wall art to commemorate the start of your new venture.... love it!

  8. Such fabulous wall art and absolutely fitting for your new venture.


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