Sunday, June 12, 2011

So Excited...and Late Mentioning

Happy Sunday morning! For me, it's a rainy but bright weekend. I was sitting at the kitchen table, enjoying my morning tea, when I realized I had not shared some big news with my fav group of people!

First off, I was published in the recent Take Ten issue. I had actually stopped leafing through the magazine when I saw my first card as pretty much that's as much as I usually get in - one or two cards. My daughter actually grabbed the issue from me and started flipping through and announcing "Here's one" and "Hey, Mom, there's another one". Eight cards! Whoohoo! Too excited! The most exciting part - they were all ones I loved (and had neglected to send in as I was having separation anxiety with my art).

Here's one of my favs that made it in:

It was a little gray in the magazine but as you can see in "real life", it is teal. That fab stamp is from Lost Coast Designs.

Congrats to my many friends who also were published in this issue! It was like "old home" week I recognized so many names!

Second, the amazing Jean Franks Beck just got published in Stamper's Sampler ....drumroll..... with Rogue Redhead stamps! Whoohoo, Jean!

She made an awesome piece with a balloon theme and used my little reader sitting under a tree and one of our quotes.

Isn't it fab? Her piece is the one on the right-hand side of the page.

To check out more of Jean's art, go to Bluebird Paperie. To see other samples from our amazing Rogue Crew, go to the Rogue Redhead Designs blog.

Last, but not least by any measure, select Rogue Redhead stamps are now available at! How cool is that? I've long been a customer of this delightful online store and am so excited to see the Relish Reading plate among the "What's New" at the StampDiva shop.

If you have not had a chance to drop by this incredible online store, do take a few minutes to have a fun browse. StampDiva has unmounted and rubber stamps from several great lines of stamps as well as collage sheets, embellishments, select inks, magazines and books and mounting supplies.

Guess that's it for catching up! Time to go refill that tea cup!




  2. Huge congratulations to both of you.

  3. super fabuous shar! i love that faux domino card and am delighted to see your rogue stamps getting good attention. well done. xo

  4. Congrats, Shar! Card and stamps are SUPER!

  5. how fabulous!!
    congratulations to you both!!!

  6. Indeed this is a great day! Congrats all the way around!

  7. WoooooooHooooo Fabulous Shar. How wonderful to have so many published in the new issue and well deserved. I LOVE the piece shown. I saw Jeans card in the new SS and was (HOW COOL ) Shars stamps are published too. She did an awesome job. So a big Congrats to both you gals!!!
    Hugs Lynn

  8. Congrats Shar....Just love the one on the shipping labels.Fabulous work by both of you! take care and thanks for stopping by this weekend. gerri


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