Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Hugs Coming Soon

The Rogue that I am I just couldn't wait to give you a sneak peak of Rogue Redhead Designs' soon to be released Snow Hugs plate!

These fabulous free-flowing designs were created by New England artist K. Dunn! The Snow Hugs plate will be the first among our new "Beautifully Dunn" line. As Rogue Redhead grows, our stamps will include vintage, eclectic, and modern designs. There are no rules in art, right?

I hope you enjoy this quick look at a few images from the new plate!

Visit the Rogue Redhead Designs blog on Thursday to see the whole plate!


  1. These are really cute! I love the images!

  2. The new stamps look lovely, they have such a nice whimsical feel.


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