Monday, November 8, 2010

Zany with Zentangle

Zentangle is a term that has been flung around my house ever since my daughter, my 6th grade girlie, took a class at the local community center. She's made for it!

The teacher, Wendy Brown, was just so nice and so inspiring that I asked her to do a mini class for my kiddo and her fab friends. Wendy was nice enough to let me sit in and now I am just as addicted as my babe.

Here's the sample tile I made during class:

Wendy was kind enough to bring along some bird cutouts for us to work on. I am almost finished mine but I can't decide what to do in the last section..alas!

Finally, while minding our Studio at Western Avenue, I decided to use one of my canvases which I had finished painting but hadn't embellished yet as a tableau for more Zentangle fun. The canvas was painted with Lumiere paints so it has a really interesting sheen to it along with the highlights of the metallic paints.

It is quite addictive so I'll have to be careful! I don't need another beyond addictive hobby....when will I stamp?


  1. Very cool, Shar! I've never done it, so I tried to get my ATC group to go in for a Zentangle swap to get us all acquainted with it. I got some blank stares and a lot of dubious shrugs. Hmmmmm.... maybe I should point them towards your blog - these are great!

  2. This is gorgeous! I love how you zentangled on the painted canvas.

  3. Your zentangles are absolutely awesome especially the ones on your canvas.

  4. This is an official request. How about doing a tutorial in TJN on this. I imagine Pat would agree. I just love your finished piece.

  5. ooh, adding my vote for a tutorial. i am very intrgiued by this! the pieces you did are awesome. xo

  6. It reminds me of doodling in in my notebook when I as in HS

  7. These are great, I love doing them, only I made circles and then designed the insides. VERY ZEN, read about it in a magazine. Yep, they can be a form of doodling, but that is the fun of it.


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