Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Scraplings have Landed

I was so pleased to receive my scraplings the other day!! They are all so gorgeous!

Thanks to Helene, Penny, Jean, Rinda, Paula and Pattie!! All the scraplings are just incredible!

Thanks also to Ali for the incredibly beautiful scrapling that she included in my packet!

What fun! If you missed out on this GC Art Exchange, the next one has just been announced - Winter 4x4s! A delightful theme! Check it out!


  1. How fun! Nice group of scraplings!

  2. those are adorable, like the one on it's side!@

  3. Oh wow!! Never heard of such a thing!! Learn something every day, don't we?!! These are just darling and I love the "scrap" idea!! :)

  4. They look great!!! Love them all together in all their lovely colors!


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