Thursday, July 1, 2010

Purple Passion

I created another 8 x 10 canvas while at the studio! This one sort of evolved as it went along.

I want to especially thank all the fab Gingersnappers who gave me tips on image transfer as it made a big difference on this canvas!! Whoohoo!

I started with the woman and then came across an old piece of newspaper in my stash. I isolated the "gossip" headline and then the triangles emerged.

This one is a little different but I like it!

If you are in or around the Boston area, you might want to check out Open Saturdays at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell. From 12 noon to 5 pm on the first Saturday of each month, many of the artists at Western Avenue open their studios to the public! July 3rd is just such a Saturday!

Among the over 200 artists in 143 studios, there are mixed media artists, photographers, painters, sculptors, jewelry makers, and fibre artists. It’s a phenomenal place with fabulous art!

Here's some of the photographs that I will have at Studio 328 at Western Avenue Studios along with some of my mixed media and papercrafting projects.

Check out local art .... always fresh!


  1. OH how I wish I could come see your studio and all the artists and their works on display. I hope you have a wonderful turnout.
    Your canvas is incredible Shar,Its so artsy!!! Your really getting in to these. I had no idea you were a photographer as well. Beautiful pics!
    Have a FABULOUS weekend and show!
    hugs Lynn

  2. If I get out to Boston, I sure will check it out! Love this piece! Todays's Gossip is a great element to your canvas! Best of luck with the showing!!

  3. very cool canvas and photos!

  4. excellent canvas Shar. you're an inspiration.


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