Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Canvas Capers

I've finished my first canvas...at least I think it's finished. I went off to the studio today and got to put some more touches on my works in progress.

I noticed that Theme Thursday's challenge this week was collage! Perfect! It gave me the push I needed to stop fiddling with this piece and call it done.

I had a lot of fun with this 5" x 7" canvas. I painted it with a couple of colors of blue and blended in some brass as well as stenciling a fleur de lis in the center. Taking the fleur de lis as my jumping off point, I added a collage image of Marie Antoinette. As fate would have it, my ephemera included a page from an old french text which discussed the ill-fated queen. I added some of my favorite paper and pulled out a dictionary card with "la fille" on it, a peacock charm which I painted gold and a couple of wooden fleur de lis. As I was almost done, I found the "Trial Credits" envelope and thought it would be interesting to add it in considering Marie Antoinette's end.

Now, I just need to finish my other 6 painted canvases... good thing it's Summer!


  1. This is stunning, Sharon - I love the rich colors and gold plus all the interesting ephemera you includes - AWESOME!

  2. I love your first canvas!! It is beautiful!! The colors are great and the embellishments are perfectly place! GREAT collage!

  3. I love painting, etc., on canvas! Your canvas is awesome, perfect colors and love the addition of the peacock charm! Where did you find that???


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