Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flower Power: Cowgirl

My last post for the Flower Form Art Exchange at Gingersnap Creations.

These cowgirls never leave me blue! Love 'em. They are from Oxford Impressions.

I had a couple of people email me about how I put these flowers together so here's the process.

I used a template, that we have on the Gingersnap Creations Yahoo Group, which I created using Photoshop. I printed the template onto sturdy stock, cut it out and traced it onto a cardboard base and onto watercolor paper. I am sure you could do the same with a chipboard flower and trace the flower outline onto watercolor paper.

After tracing and cutting out both flower forms, I lined up both pieces and marked the front of the chipboard and the back of the watercolor with penciled letters for each petal so that I could ensure a good fit when I reassembled the flower. I then used a ruler to mark the petal divisions. I ran the whole watercolor flower, marked side down, through my Xyron so it had a sticky back and then I cut the petals apart leaving the backing in place until assembly.

From there, I painted the petals with distress ink using an waterbrush and overstamped with StazOn. When everything was dry and finished, I peeled the backing off the paper and adhered it to the cardboard base using the letters as a guide. My final touch was to add a flower in the center. You could also use a sentiment, image, or piece of collage. Many of my exchange buddies added a wonderful ribbon to make the flower into a hanging.

I can't wait for the next Art Exchange! I got some fantastic flowers back from my Gingersnapper exchange buddies and I got to see all the submissions as I was the North American hostess!

Thanks to all my group - Krisha, Paula, Jean, Vicki, Ali, and Penny - for some amazing pieces using the flower form! All your pieces were imaginative, gorgeous and totally fabulous!! You can see a slide show of some of the submitted flowers on the sidebar of Gingersnap Creations.

Check out our next Art Exchange coming June 3rd!


  1. How fun Shar. Love that you used the western set for your flower.

  2. wow! this is gorgeous! and thanks for sharing how you did it! super cool!

    how the heck r ya? i apologize for not being around to visit - well leaving a comment anyway and i do check in on you.

    hope all is well and your weekend is super fabulous! i'll be back soon - i promise!

    hugs :)

  3. Such a great flower! "I always get my man," made me just laugh! Love it.

  4. Love those cowgirls! So much better than a plain Jane flower!

  5. This is so different. Great colours and stamps. Lynne M x

  6. I love every single one of our flowers, Shar, but I think this may be my favorite of all. "I always get my man." Go, girl!!!

  7. Nice flower....I ran and got a balloon stamp....and cut a bunch out,,,stamped em....and presto....really cool looking flowers...thanks for the inspiration!

  8. These are great flowers. I am loving he exchanges but the last flower did not have many players in the UK. The next swap I will organize to give Hels a break. We may share them, one on one off.

  9. As I said before love this concept and how it the petal shapes have been used.
    Hop over to my blog there is a little surprise in store. Hope you feel like playing. If not no worries.

  10. Gorgeous flower hun, love the sections you have made... FABBEROONY x

  11. Beautiful flowers, Shar - ALL of them! :) I've missed out seeing your individual posts as they happened.... my goofy "Blog Favorites" in my sidebar didn't tell me you had posted (I guess I am too reliant upon technology!) Thanks for sharing these - they're wonderful.


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