Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Got Mail!

I got another great piece of art in the mail from the last art exchange I participated in! It is an awesome snow globe and gorgeous storage folder from the infinitely talented and wonderfully sweet Ann Clack!

Thanks tons, Ann! Here's a close-up:

And it folds flat for storage...too cool!

Ann told me that the blank globe comes from Some Assembly Required and it takes 2 hours to create (and I bet she didn't include the stamping time as this gorgeous piece of art is truly intricate)!

This beautiful snow globe has taken up residence on my mantle until the snows outside start melting away...it's too pretty to put in with the Christmas decorations just yet!


  1. OMG, This is incredible! never seen anything like it!!
    what are you doing up at this hour? I can't sleep, sheesh!

  2. WOW! You are one lucky woman! That is too cool. A friend bought me the pear set from that company - I've always been too afraid to use it. I guess I should just send it to Ann, lol!

  3. We love their stuff...especially the birds (and they have a larger one in stencil form). They are "easy" once you do the first one...stupid paper bends sometimes (smile). Once you figure it out, the SAR stuff is a ton of fun and it can be so pretty and elegant...if you have one, give it a try, really you will be pleasenly surprised, i am sure!

  4. So very gorgeous! What a great gift.

  5. Oh wow you lucky girl! This is gorgeous! She needs to create tutorial for this incredibly creative piece of art.


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