Monday, December 28, 2009

Paper and Paste Creations

Here are some of the pages I have been playing with lately in my workbook. They were inspired by a course I took with Kelly Kilmer, mixed media artist and instructor.

Hope you enjoyed these two spreads. If you want to find out more about Kelly Kilmer and her art, check out my interview with her today on Gingersnap Creations!


  1. you are having a great time with these!! awesome!

  2. Hey Shar,
    So Are you playing with that precious metal clay? The stuff thats real that you fire? I so want to try that out! Please share .I'd love to see it!
    Glad you liked my bee, have more to share but some have to wait till the 6th.

  3. These are fantastic!!!! fantastic collage and colors!!! inspiring!!!!


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