Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 10: Am I Lazy or What?

25 Days of Christmas Continues.....

Okay, this has Christmas on it but no stamping. It's just a pre-fab advent box calendar and the stickers that came with it and some gorgeous 12" x 18" Christmas paper run through a Xyron and the cut to fit. Yup, I am one lazy crafter!

Take a day and just relax and enjoy the wonders of the season around you!


  1. Shar, this is gorgeous! It's NOT lazy, it's creative! Love it!:)

  2. Cor Shar, this is sooo gorgeous...I can just imagine all the ickle goodies in there...chocolates...chocolates...and a few more chocolates...not that I have chocolate on the brain or anything LOL x

  3. Lazy? um what about the 25 days of Christmas you've been doing? I'd say NOT !!!! Its an adorable advent box and I'm sure filled with lots of goodies!

  4. Now I think these are really cool!! It's just so busy this time of year and if it looks this awesome....who cares? right?!! ;) Thanks for sharing...and be honest!! LOL!!

  5. I wouldn't call you lazy :-/ This is beautiful. Creativity is hard work!


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