Thursday, November 19, 2009

Making Smiles on Faces

What a cheery award! I was blessed to receive this fun award from two great friends, Laura Liddell and Lynn Stevens! Thank you, ladies!

As part of the award, you have to write down 5 facts about yourself. I have decided to write down 5 things that make me smile (in addition to this sweet award, obviously!)

Just the Facts

1. Being a mom of a beautiful, smart and fun 9-year-old makes me smile lots!

2. I am celebrating 13 years of marriage to a fantastic man, who always makes me smile, tomorrow.

3. I am a paperaholic! I have no control when confronted with a yummy designer paper!

4. I cannot draw or sing at all eventhough art and music are my passions and always make me feel happy.

5. I have a huge soft spot for the furry friends around us and smiles abound when it's pet playtime at my house.

I will pass it on to some other people who make me smile! There are a ton more people I could add but then this post would be very, very, very long!

Yeah, I know I was only supposed to pick 5 people to pass this on to, but another fact about me is that I am really bad at rules...and possibly counting. Smiles all round!

Shout out to Hels and Ali who already received this fun award!


  1. Congrats, Shar, your blog definitely makes me smile! :) :) Happy Anniversary, too (hope you got to do something special). I hate to mention it, though, but (ahem) we sorta kinda already knew about your paper thing, LOL!!! AND... awwww, shucks, thanks for the mention - you treat us 'Snappers so well! I don't really know the etiquette of these things (I've never gotten an award before) but I so very much appreciate it. *smiles*

  2. You silly! I had NOOOO idea my name was on here. Thank you! And the most amazing thing. Everything you said is everything I said. Except that I have been married 15 years but everything else is spot on. How funny.


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