Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting it Together

Okay, Getting Some of It Together...
This weekend, I decided to stop procrastinating and put my paper scraps away. My prior solution to stray bits and pieces is no longer working. To be honest, it doesn't work because I don't sort and file my paper back where it belongs directly after a completing a project.

My original idea was to place paper "temporarily" in some pocket folders and then once a week I intended to file everything in a 9" x 6" x 5" index card file box which contained dividers for each Stampin Up color. Anyway......

That obviously didn't work so I purchased a couple of multiple pocket hard-sided organizers to create order where there had been none. Each organizer has 19 pockets and is 15.5" x 10" x 5". The longer length was essential as any scrap I had over 8.5" had been shoved in a drawer, which unfortunately won't open at the moment due to, let's say, capacity issues.

Another drawback of the old index card file boxes was that I had typed all the color names on nice white labels with the best intentions of being neat. The result was that it took forever to find the right divider to put things away.

While at Ali's, I saw that she was much more sensible and had used her Round Tab punch (Stampin Up) to punch out tabs for her dividers. I decided to follow her lead with my organizers and punched two sets of tabs. Each pocket contains 3 different colors. I arranged them alphabetically by color family. The thought process behind this move was to hopefully place very different colors together to eliminate any color confusion. This strategy mostly worked and the only very similar colors that ended up together were Pink Passion and Pixie Pink. I can never tell these two colors apart on a good day, but having them side by side shows their subtle shade difference.

I stapled the tabs to the pockets and had everything put away in no time. When I was in doubt of a certain color, I could just compare my scrap with the most likely tabs.

In the second organizer, I used the extra tabs to create 12 pockets (4 colors each) for colors and 5 pockets for themed designer paper (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter/Christmas). I sorted by the base / background color of all my designer paper scraps and matched them as closely as possible to my colored tabs.

The piles of random paper quickly decreased and I was able to "discover" some great papers for projects I have on the go.

I also took time to punch out a 1" square of each color. I used the squares and a metal ring to create a little palatte of colors. These squares I marked with the official name of the color and, in the top right corner, with an abbreviation for the color family. I arranged these squares by color - blues, greens, browns, etc - so I could quickly find the best match to the designer paper I was filing.

So now, these nice neat organizers are all that's left of the paper mess!

I know all of you thought of these simple measures to minimize mess ages ago. None of these ideas are original, but I feel like my whole stamp room has evolved into something new and different. I am happily imagining being able to find the left-over half sheet of a fab piece of paper I used two weeks ago without causing a paper tornado.

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  1. This looks great, Sharon. I bet you keep it nice and organized!


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