Sunday, December 23, 2007

Seasonal Series

I thought the best way to start off my new blog was to perhaps post some seasonal samples. I first fell in love with this Santa Greetings stamp (Stamp Francisco) a few months ago. Not wanting to take away from the wonderful image, I tried to create a card with simple lines. I turned to one of my favorite background stamps, Print Pattern from Stampin' Up, to complete the design. Once completed, I saw that this design could be adapted for use with other images.

To create the basic layout of the card, select 2 colors of cardstock that work well together. For the directions, I will use the two colors I chose (the uninspired red and white) for my first attempt. I made the white cardstock into a standard base card of 5.5" x 8.5" and folded in half. I then cut a square of red 5.25" x 4.0" to form the background. Next, I cut a white piece of cardstock the same size as the stamp itself (2.25" x 3.25") and another piece of white 0.5" larger in both width and depth (ie 2.75" x 3.75"). Going back to the red cardstock, I cut a piece .025" larger than the stamp in both length and width (ie 2.5" x 3.5"). This forms a nice matt effect.

To begin stamping, stamp the image in the same color as the background, in this case red. Then stamp the background using gold metallic ink. To create an antiqued look, sprinkle embossing powder in lines over the background instead of completely covering. I tried to catch corners of the pattern with the embossing powder, leaving the diamonds half covered. Heat emboss and run background paper through a crinkler.

Take time to edge all pieces except the background in gold. I also use a stippling brush to add a tiny bit of gold to the actual image.

To assemble, use adhesive dots to secure a ribbon around the background and then adhere whole piece to base card. I also added a small knot of ribbon to give a vertical line to the card.

To complete, layer stamped image on top of small red rectangle and then adhere this to the larger white rectangle. Adhere these to the background. Here again I used dots to make adhering to the crinkled surface a little easier.

Here are some other samples of how this same idea can be used for other seasonal cards.

Happy holidays and happy stamping!

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